The top 6 COVID-19 vaccines around the globe.

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CIO Rating: Very strong   CIO opinion on first level of availability:  September 

Moderna’s vaccine, developed with researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is the first US coronavirus vaccine to be tested in humans. Moderna uses genetic material –messenger RNA — to make vaccines and the company has 9 others in various stages of development. The science behind the Moderna vaccine is to inject the mRNA four part of the spike protein and have it slip into the cells of a healthy person, which then proceeds to replicate the viral protein, triggering an immune response. The company is in phase 3 trials since July 27 2020, involving 30,000 people.  In Phase one the vaccine developed an immune response in 100% of trial participants. 45 people, in three  of 15 volunteers aged 18-55 who got two shots, 28 days apart.

Astra Zeneca/Oxford Vaccine

CIO Rating: Strong   CIO opinion on first level of availability: August

The vaccine developed by Oxford University is a viral vector type that uses a harmless virus to deliver the genetic material of a pathogen into cells, which then hopefully causes an immune response to the original pathogen. The company will commence phase 3 clinical trials in Maharashtra. 4000 to 5000 people will be injected with the vaccine in the trial sites. The Serum Institute of India intends to create over 2 to 3 million doses of the vaccine by the end of August 2020 and over 300 million doses by the end of the year.

Gamaleya Vaccine

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Russia’s vaccine is a viral vector vaccine, which means it employs another virus to carry the DNA encoding the needed immune response into cells. Gamaleya’s vaccine is based on the adenovirus, a similar technology to the coronavirus vaccine prototype developed by China’s CanSino. The drug is developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute and the Russian direct investment fund and may be approved for civilian use within 3 to 7 days of registration by regulators. Russia says it will be the first vaccine to reach the common public and should launch it by 12th August 2020.

Source: Bloomberg


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The vaccine uses inactivated virus to stimulate an immune response, a proven method. It is based on inactivated whole virus, a mature vaccine technology that’s also been used to produce vaccines against influenza and polio. Sinovac launched a phase III trial of its vaccine in Brazil. Sinopharm will be testing its inactivated vaccines in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Chinese government has already said that its vaccine can be used by the military — making CanSino the first company to have a vaccine for COVID-19 approved for limited use in people.


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It has been developed by Bharat Biotech India (BBIL) in collaboration with ICMR’s National Institute of Virology (NIV). It is an “inactivated” vaccine — one made by using particles of the Covid-19 virus that were killed, making them unable to infect or replicate. Injecting particular doses of these particles serves to build immunity by helping the body create antibodies against the dead virus, according to BBIL.  Currently the vaccine has been given approvals for phase 1 and 2 trials.


CIO Rating: Strong   CIO opinion on first level of availability:  November 

ZyCov-D, a plasmid DNA vaccine to prevent COVID-19 was found to be safe in the phase 1 clinical trial as said by Zydus Cadila on 5th August 2020. The trial had begun on 15th July 2020 and the vaccine was found to be safe, immunogenic and well-tolerated in the preclinical toxicity studies. The phase II trial is scheduled from the 6th of August 2020 by the company. The durability of the humoral response up to six months post last dose will also be evaluated.

Source: Livemint

Though it is a big part of the battle to have a vaccine ready for use by the general mass, scaling and deploying will also take months for commencing the same. A lot more structured and planned ways of execution might help which needs to be figured out. Although it may take months for having a cure, people might get relieved by the fact of a vaccine reaching them soon. Whichever vaccine reaches the mass, it will be an end to the pandemic as well as the lockdown ages.