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COVID-19 Testing

Tests Done – 12509210 (+154164) | Test Positivity Rate – 3.6%

The following is the list of testing centers in Uttar Pradesh.

Current Preparedness of the Uttar Pradesh Government

The following is the list of dedicated COVID hospitals Uttar Pradesh. The COVID facilities have been categorized into three types to treat COVID patients.

1. COVID care center (CCC) for mild or very mild or suspected cases.

2. COVID health center (CHC) for patients who are clinically assigned as moderate.

3. Dedicated COVID hospital for severe patients.

CHC Baroli AhirCovid Care CentreAgra
CHC VrindavanCovid Care CentreMathura
CHC JasranaCovid Care CentreFirozabad
CHC BhogonCovid Care CentreMainpuri
CHC HarduaganjCovid Care CentreAligarh
CHC Baghwala,Covid Care CentreEtah
CHC MursanCovid Care CentreHathras
DCH soronCovid Care CentreKasganj
CHC-KolhukhorCovid Care CentreAzamgarh
CHC BasantpurCovid Care CentreBallia
CHC PARDAHACovid Care CentreMau
CHC GauriganjCovid Care CentreAmethi
CHC KurwarCovid Care CentreSultanpur
CHC jalalpurCovid Care CentreAmbedkarnagar
MashudhaCovid Care CentreAyodhya
CHC SatarikCovid Care CentreBarabanki
BithrichainpurCovid Care CentreBareilly
CHC UjhaniCovid Care CentreBadaun
CHC JahanabadCovid Care CentrePilibhit
CHC-DadraulCovid Care CentreShahjahanpur
MunderwaCovid Care CentreBasti
CHC BirdpurCovid Care CentreSiddhartha Nagar
CHC KhalilabadCovid Care CentreSantkabir Nagar
CHC Shiv RampurCovid Care CentreChitrakoot
CHC KuraraCovid Care CentreHamirpur
CHC PanwariCovid Care CentreMahoba
CHC NarainiCovid Care CentreBanda
CHC BhanghaCovid Care CentreShrawasti
Memorial HospitalCovid Care CentreBalrampur
CHC ChittauraCovid Care CentreBahraich
Pandri kripalCovid Care CentreGonda
CHC, ChargawanCovid Care CentreGorakhpur
Guari BazarCovid Care CentreDeoria
CHC MithauraCovid Care CentreMahrajganj
CHC SapahaCovid Care CentreKushinagar
CHC KonchCovid Care CentreJalaun
CHC BadagaonCovid Care CentreJhansi
CHC TalbehatCovid Care CentreLalitpur
CHC TirwaCovid Care CentreKannauj
CHC Jaswant NagarCovid Care CentreEtawah
MCH wing CHC Dibiyapur,Covid Care CentreAuraiya
CHC BaraunCovid Care CentreFarrukhabad
CHC GajnerCovid Care CentreKanpur Dehat
CHC SarsaulCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Covid Care CentreLucknow
CHC MalihabadCovid Care CentreLucknow
CHC MohanlalganjCovid Care CentreLucknow
CHC, BichhiyaCovid Care CentreUnnao
CHC BawanCovid Care CentreHardoi
CHC KhairabadCovid Care CentreSitapur
CHC ROHANIYACovid Care CentreRaibareili
BhejamCovid Care CentreLakhimpurKhiri
KhekraCovid Care CentreBagpat
SSMJ KHURJACovid Care CentreBulandshahr
JP Hospital AnupshaharCovid Care CentreBulandshahr
CHC- Jani KhurdCovid Care CentreMeerut
CHC BisrakhCovid Care CentreGB Nagar
CHC MuradnagarCovid Care CentreGhaziabad
CHC HapurCovid Care CentreHapur
CHC MilakCovid Care CentreRampur
CHC NarauliCovid Care CentreSambhal
CHC NazibabadCovid Care CentreBijnor
DWC HospitalCovid Care CentreMoradabad
Old building of DCHCovid Care CentreAmroha
PHC Manjhanpur- Vistar PatalCovid Care CentreKaushambi
Trauma Centre sadarCovid Care CentrePratapgarh
CHC ThariyaonCovid Care CentreFatehpur
CHC JhinjhnaCovid Care CentreShamli
CHC MakhiyallCovid Care CentreMuzaffarnagar
CHC FatehpurCovid Care CentreSaharanpur
CHC Vindhyachal MirzapurCovid Care CentreMirzapur
CHC BhadohiCovid Care CentreBhadohi
CHC MadhupurCovid Care CentreSonbhadra
CHC, mohamadabadCovid Care CentreGhazipur
CHC BhogawarCovid Care CentreChandauli
CHCCovid Care CentreJaunpur
UCHC ShivpurCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Hindustan Engg CollageCovid Care CentreAgra
Agra Public SchoolCovid Care CentreAgra
Neminath Homeopathic
Medical College
Covid Care CentreAgra
Zee Mount Litera School,
Shamshabad Road
Covid Care CentreAgra
Global Agra Convent School,
Shamshabad Road
Covid Care CentreAgra
Army Public School, AgraCovid Care CentreAgra
Anand Engineering College, KheethCovid Care CentreAgra
Chetak AcademyCovid Care CentreMathura
S.M Nursing CollegeCovid Care CentreMathura
Dhanvantari Ayurvedic and
Covid Care CentreMathura
Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay
Govt. Ashram Padwati Vidyalaya
Covid Care CentreFirozabad
Mamta Mahavidyalaya, RehpuraCovid Care CentreFirozabad
Awanti Bai Institute of Higher Education, Jarola, JasranaCovid Care CentreFirozabad
Navodaya Vidyalaya AraanvCovid Care CentreFirozabad
Daksh Nursing SchoolCovid Care CentreFirozabad
CHC DeedamaiCovid Care CentreFirozabad
J.S. Hospital ShikohabadCovid Care CentreFirozabad
Kiran Saujiya Sr Secondary Academy, Kurawali RoadCovid Care CentreMainpuri
Jawahar Navodayay VidyalayaCovid Care CentreMainpuri
100 Bed Combined HospitalCovid Care CentreAligarh
Jeevan Jyoti HospitalCovid Care CentreAligarh
Vision Institute of TechnologyCovid Care CentreAligarh
Mahal Baar Institute of
Pharmacy/Technology, Atrauli
Covid Care CentreAligarh
Sai Ayurvedic HospitalCovid Care CentreAligarh
ZH PG CollegeCovid Care CentreEtah
Janta Degree CollegeCovid Care CentreEtah
Jawahar Navodayay VidyalayaCovid Care CentreEtah
Lord Krishna Public School, Mursan, HathrasCovid Care CentreHathras
KCN Mahavidyalaya,Covid Care CentreHathras
J P Degree CollageCovid Care CentreHathras
ITI Yakutganj, SahawarCovid Care CentreKasganj
Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaCovid Care CentreKasganj
V K Jain Collage of ManagementCovid Care CentreKasganj
Seth Jaipuriya School Mirla,Covid Care CentreAzamgarh
Anand Engineering College, Kheeth 600Covid Care CentreAzamgarh
Mahamritunjaya Dental CollegeCovid Care CentreAzamgarh
MSD Polytechnic, Bajpur, LalganjCovid Care CentreAzamgarh
Shanti Sudama Collage of Pharmacy and other Intitute,Covid Care CentreAzamgarh
SSPG College,Covid Care CentreAzamgarh
Sri Durgaji Inter CollegeCovid Care CentreAzamgarh
100 Bed Combined HospitalCovid Care CentreAzamgarh
Town Politechnic CollageCovid Care CentreBallia
Horizon Public School,Covid Care CentreBallia
Sacred Heart School, BalliaCovid Care CentreBallia
Bapu Ayurvedic MedicalCovid Care CentreMau
Sainik Nursing SchoolCovid Care CentreMau
Referral Hospital TiloiCovid Care CentreAmethi
District Combined HospitalCovid Care CentreAmethi
KNIPSSCovid Care CentreSultanpur
Newly constructed Birsinghpur
Covid Care CentreSultanpur
KNIIT Megnath saha Hostel & Aryabatt HostelCovid Care CentreSultanpur
Navodaya VidyalayaCovid Care CentreAmbedkarnagar
Eklaya StadiumCovid Care CentreAmbedkarnagar
Junjunwala Nursing CollageCovid Care CentreAyodhya
100 Bedded Kumarganj HospitalCovid Care CentreAyodhya
ND university Hostel HallsCovid Care CentreAyodhya
Old Building District Women
Covid Care CentreAyodhya
Chandra Hospital and Research CenterCovid Care CentreBarabanki
100 Bed Joint Hospital Sirauli GauspurCovid Care CentreBarabanki
Hind Institute of Medical
Covid Care CentreBarabanki
Anand Engineering College, Kheeth 600Covid Care CentreBarabanki
Divisional Railway HospitalCovid Care CentreBareilly
Ashram Paddati BhojipuraCovid Care CentreBareilly
Ashram Paddati AoniaCovid Care CentreBareilly
Future Group of InstituteCovid Care CentreBareilly
Ganna Utpadak Degree CollageCovid Care CentreBareilly
Rajshri Institute NawabganjCovid Care CentreBareilly
Baba Ram Das Degree Collage, Shubhas nagarCovid Care CentreBareilly
Khandelwal Collage of Management and TechnologyCovid Care CentreBareilly
Hartmann CollageCovid Care CentreBareilly
Manas Sthali Boarding School,Covid Care CentreBareilly
Navodaya Vidhyalaya,Covid Care CentreBareilly
Aasra Awas,Covid Care CentreBadaun
Rajkiya Mahila MahavidyalayCovid Care CentreBadaun
Aasra ColonyCovid Care CentrePilibhit
Ayurvedic CollageCovid Care CentrePilibhit
Hanumathdham AsraysthalCovid Care CentreShahjahanpur
BS Public SchoolCovid Care CentreShahjahanpur
OCF Hospital ShahjahanpurCovid Care CentreShahjahanpur
Aasra Awasiya Pariyojna JalalabadCovid Care CentreShahjahanpur
Shrimati Shanti Devi Degree College,Covid Care CentreBasti
Swami Vivekanand Institute
Medical Science,
Covid Care CentreBasti
Shanti devi Nursing CollegeCovid Care CentreBasti
Jairam raj upadhayaya, Balika MahavidhayalayCovid Care CentreBasti
Jawahar Navodayay VidyalayaCovid Care CentreBasti
MCH WingCovid Care CentreSiddhartha Nagar
Siddharth University, SiddharthnagarCovid Care CentreSiddhartha Nagar
Raghuvar Prasad Jaiswal Saraswati Vidya Mandir,Covid Care CentreSiddhartha Nagar
St. Thomas Inter CollageCovid Care CentreSantkabir Nagar
Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaCovid Care CentreSantkabir Nagar
Sri Kedar Nath Ramswaroop Degree College KhatwaraCovid Care CentreChitrakoot
MCH Wing KhohCovid Care CentreChitrakoot
ITI CollageCovid Care CentreChitrakoot
Boys/Girls Hostel,Govt.Polytechnic Institution,Covid Care CentreHamirpur
Govt Polytechnic RathCovid Care CentreHamirpur
Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter CollageCovid Care CentreHamirpur
St. Joseph SchoolCovid Care CentreMahoba
Govt. Inter CollageCovid Care CentreMahoba
Rajkiya Ayurvedic CollegeCovid Care CentreBanda
Agriculture UniversityCovid Care CentreBanda
Girls Govt. Inter CollageCovid Care CentreShrawasti
Govt PolytechnicCovid Care CentreShrawasti
Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya, BhingaCovid Care CentreShrawasti
Jawahar Navodayay VidyalayaCovid Care CentreBalrampur
Maharishi Balak HospitalCovid Care CentreBahraich
Mahila Polytechnic RisiaCovid Care CentreBahraich
SCPM Nursing CollegeCovid Care CentreGonda
Railway HospitalCovid Care CentreGonda
Ashram Paddati SchoolCovid Care CentreGonda
RN Pandey HospitalCovid Care CentreGonda
Sports CollageCovid Care CentreGorakhpur
Guru Gorakhnath Hospital,
Covid Care CentreGorakhpur
Pacific Hospital PipiganjCovid Care CentreGorakhpur
Daulatpur Deaf and Dumb
Girls School
Covid Care CentreGorakhpur
Loyiya Inclave TaramandalCovid Care CentreGorakhpur
LNM Railway HospitalCovid Care CentreGorakhpur
St Paul SchoolCovid Care CentreDeoria
Central AcademyCovid Care CentreDeoria
Government Polytechnic PuraniaCovid Care CentreMahrajganj
Mahamaya Govt PolytechnicCovid Care CentreMahrajganj
Samekit VidyaylayCovid Care CentreMahrajganj
Mahamaya IT PolytechnicCovid Care CentreKushinagar
Govt. Polytechnic, HetimpurCovid Care CentreKushinagar
Kashiram Awas SevrahiCovid Care CentreKushinagar
Rajkiya Asharam Padhati VidyalayaCovid Care CentreKushinagar
Madhuban VillaCovid Care CentreJalaun
Pt Shrawan Kumar Dwivedi Sunita Dwivedi Private ITICovid Care CentreJalaun
Jamuna PalaceCovid Care CentreJalaun
Nirmal HospitalCovid Care CentreJhansi
Vrindawan Hostel (250 Beds) + Chhatra Kriya Kalap Bhawan{150 Beds) Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology.Covid Care CentreJhansi
MLB Paramedical Training College, Kanpur RoadCovid Care CentreJhansi
Anand Engineering College, Kheeth 600Covid Care CentreJhansi
Sainik School, BadagaonCovid Care CentreJhansi
Railway HospitalCovid Care CentreJhansi
Polytechnic CollageCovid Care CentreLalitpur
Jawahar Narvoday VidyalayCovid Care CentreLalitpur
Manyavar Kashiram Govt PolytechnicCovid Care CentreKannauj
Gautam Budh HospitalCovid Care CentreKannauj
Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Ashram Padhiti VidhayleCovid Care CentreEtawah
Narayan CollageCovid Care CentreEtawah
PBRP AcademyCovid Care CentreAuraiya
MMIT PolytechnicCovid Care CentreAuraiya
BBS Smriti Vidya PeethCovid Care CentreAuraiya
Shri Babu singh DadduJi Ayurvedic Medical College & HospitalCovid Care CentreFarrukhabad
Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaCovid Care CentreFarrukhabad
Dr Anar Singh Ayurvedic Medical College & HospitalCovid Care CentreFarrukhabad
Shri Babu Singh Jai Singh Ayurvedic Medical and HospitalCovid Care CentreFarrukhabad
Kendriya Vidyalaya,Covid Care CentreKanpur Dehat
Akbarpur Degree CollegeCovid Care CentreKanpur Dehat
VPN HospitalCovid Care CentreKanpur Dehat
ESI HospitalCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Paramveer Singh Institute of Technology, RoomaCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Kanpur Institute of TechnologyCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Appollo Institute of TechnologyCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Anand Engineering College, Kheeth 600Covid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Maharana Pratap Intitute of Technology, BithoorCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Boys Hostel Kanpur University, KalyanpurCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Ayush Wing, RAMA UniversityCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
KDA Flat Shatabdi NagarCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
Narayana Medical CollegeCovid Care CentreKanpur Nagar
SR Engineering CollageCovid Care CentreLucknow
Surya Engineering Collage
Covid Care CentreLucknow
Sunder Singh Engineering Collage MohanlalganjCovid Care CentreLucknow
RR Engineering CollageCovid Care CentreLucknow
Haz House, Sarojini Nagar,
Covid Care CentreLucknow
Sri Ramswaroop College of
Engineering and Management
Covid Care CentreLucknow
Amity UnivercityCovid Care CentreLucknow
FI Medical College, Kanpur Road, LucknowCovid Care CentreLucknow
Dr Virendra Swaroop group of InstitutionCovid Care CentreUnnao
Bhalla Farms HostelCovid Care CentreUnnao
SRM HospitalCovid Care CentreUnnao
Jaiprakash Narayan Ashram
Paddati Vidyalaya, Hasanganj
Covid Care CentreUnnao
Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Research CenterCovid Care CentreUnnao
Kendriya VidyalayCovid Care CentreHardoi
Pt Hari shanker Mishra PG College,Covid Care CentreHardoi
Kendriya Vidayalay Malihamau, Biligram RoadCovid Care CentreHardoi
Hind Institute of Medical ScienceCovid Care CentreSitapur
CHC PisawanCovid Care CentreSitapur
Eye Hospital,SitapurCovid Care CentreSitapur
BCM HospitalCovid Care CentreSitapur
Ryan International School,Covid Care CentreRaibareili
New Standard Public SchoolCovid Care CentreRaibareili
Batohi Guest HouseCovid Care CentreRaibareili
Rajkali Emergency Trauma Care
and Hospital
Covid Care CentreRaibareili
Rajkiya Drishti Badhit avasiya Sparsh Balika VidyalayaCovid Care CentreLakhimpurKhiri
Pt. Deen Dayal Saraswati Vidya MandirCovid Care CentreLakhimpurKhiri
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,
Covid Care CentreLakhimpurKhiri
Omsain Vidya Mandir Inter CollageCovid Care CentreLakhimpurKhiri
Sarvodya Public SchoolCovid Care CentreBagpat
Sarvodaya Paramedical CollageCovid Care CentreBagpat
VIIT Nursing Training CollageCovid Care CentreBulandshahr
Mother Teresa Hospital, Mandi AurangabadCovid Care CentreBulandshahr
Mahaveer Ayurvedic VidyalayaCovid Care CentreMeerut
Mulayam Singh Medical
College Meerut
Covid Care CentreMeerut
Shree Ram Ayurvedic MedicalCovid Care CentreMeerut
Dhan Singh Kotwal TrainingCovid Care CentreMeerut
Navodaya Vidyalaya SardhanaCovid Care CentreMeerut
Nursing College, AnandCovid Care CentreMeerut
Merrut CollageCovid Care CentreMeerut
NAS Degree CollageCovid Care CentreMeerut
DN Degree CollegeCovid Care CentreMeerut
Kanoharlal Degree CollegeCovid Care CentreMeerut
Saraswati Sishu Mandir, SastriCovid Care CentreMeerut
Shaheed Mangal PandeyCovid Care CentreMeerut
Faiz E AM Degree CollegeCovid Care CentreMeerut
DN Inter CollegeCovid Care CentreMeerut
Saligram Gram College,Covid Care CentreMeerut
Radha Govind Hospital, GarhCovid Care CentreMeerut
MIET College Block ACovid Care CentreMeerut
BIT PartapurCovid Care CentreMeerut
Viklang Kalyan Hostel PartapurCovid Care CentreMeerut
SVS Inter College MawanaCovid Care CentreMeerut
Kailash IsolationCovid Care CentreGB Nagar
Greater Noida Institute of technlogy knowledgeCovid Care CentreGB Nagar
Noida International Institute of Medical Science, Yamuna ExpresswayCovid Care CentreGB Nagar
Luceana Tower, Sec-125, NoidaCovid Care CentreGB Nagar
Staff Residence Apartment, New DCH Building, Sec-39,
Covid Care CentreGB Nagar
Galgoita Univercity Hostel, Yamuna ExpreeswayCovid Care CentreGB Nagar
ESIC HospitalCovid Care CentreGB Nagar
IMS Ghaziabad, NH-24, GZDCovid Care CentreGB Nagar
AKGIT, NH-24, GZDCovid Care CentreGhaziabad
Ideal Institute Near Gour
Homes, Govindpuram, GZD
Covid Care CentreGhaziabad
SRM University, Modi Nagar,
Covid Care CentreGhaziabad
Suderdeep Ayurvedic Hospital,
Dasna, GZD
Covid Care CentreGhaziabad
IDST Dental College, KadrabadCovid Care CentreGhaziabad
Baakay Bihari College, MasuriCovid Care CentreGhaziabad
IAMR College, DauhalCovid Care CentreGhaziabad
ITS College, MohannagarCovid Care CentreGhaziabad
Govt. Hospital NandgramCovid Care CentreGhaziabad
Indraprashtha Engineering
College, Sahibabad
Covid Care CentreGhaziabad
Indraprashtha Dental College,Covid Care CentreGhaziabad
MMH College, GhaziabadCovid Care CentreGhaziabad
DHCovid Care CentreHapur
GS ayurveda College, PilkhuaCovid Care CentreHapur
Shankar College of EnggCovid Care CentreHapur
Mohmd Ali Jauhar UniversityCovid Care CentreRampur
Bahaman zahra Public SchoolCovid Care CentreSambhal
Mata Gayatri Nursing CollegeCovid Care CentreBijnor
Vivek CollegeCovid Care CentreBijnor
Lekhpal Training CentreCovid Care CentreBijnor
Vardhmann CollageCovid Care CentreBijnor
IFTMCovid Care CentreMoradabad
Rajendra AcademyCovid Care CentreMoradabad
Sri Satya Sai Paramedical
Covid Care CentreMoradabad
St. Marry Public SchoolCovid Care CentreMoradabad
MCH Wing DWH Moradabad
(3rd & 4th Floor)
Covid Care CentreMoradabad
MIT Boys & Girls HostelCovid Care CentreMoradabad
Vivkanand Collage of NursingCovid Care CentreMoradabad
Sanjivni Ayurvedic HospitalCovid Care CentreAmroha
Shri Venketashwara Medical Institute, GajraulaCovid Care CentreAmroha
Bhartiya Ayurvedic SansthanCovid Care CentreAmroha
Part of Venkateshwara HospitalCovid Care CentreAmroha
Samhigginbottom University of Agriculture Sciences, Naini, Mahewa, PrayagrajCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
United College of engineering and Research Naini, PrayagrajCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
United Institute of Technology Naini, PrayagrajCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
United College of engineering and Management Naini,Covid Care CentrePrayagraj
Shambhonath Institute of Engineering and Technology,Covid Care CentrePrayagraj
LDC Institute of Technical Studies, Soraon, PrayagrajCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Group of Institution, Iradatganj.Covid Care CentrePrayagraj
Prayag Institute of Technology and Management dendo,Covid Care CentrePrayagraj
ESIC HospitalCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
Govt. LBS Homeopathic Medical CollegeCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
Central Hospital RailwaysCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
CRPF Camp HospitalCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
CHC Kotwa at Bani-Covid Care CentrePrayagraj
Unani Medical CollageCovid Care CentrePrayagraj
PDDU Ashram Paddhati Inter
Covid Care CentreKaushambi
Jawahar Navodaya
Covid Care CentreKaushambi
St. Joseph's School, KazipurCovid Care CentreKaushambi
St. Anthoni Inter CollageCovid Care CentrePratapgarh
ARTO OfficeCovid Care CentrePratapgarh
Allahabad Institute of Eng. And Management collageCovid Care CentreFatehpur
Deendayal Upadhyaya Ashram
Paddhati Vidyalaya
Covid Care CentreFatehpur
Ghausia Unani Medical College and HospitalCovid Care CentreFatehpur
Rajkiya Mahila Polytechnic,
Covid Care CentreShamli
St. RC schoolCovid Care CentreShamli
Swami Kalyan Dev Govt. ayurvedic CollageCovid Care CentreMuzaffarnagar
Shriram Group of College, Parikarma Marg, MuzaffarnagarCovid Care CentreMuzaffarnagar
SD College of Engineering and TechnologyCovid Care CentreMuzaffarnagar
Jamia Tibbia, Deoband
Covid Care CentreSaharanpur
Bharat Inter College, Talheri
Bujurg, Nagal, Saharanpur
Covid Care CentreSaharanpur
Deoband Unani Medical College Hospital & Research
Centre, Deoband, Saharanpur
Covid Care CentreSaharanpur
Dhanwantri Life Line HospitalCovid Care CentreSaharanpur
Anand Engineering College, Kheeth 600Covid Care CentreSaharanpur
Glocal UniversityCovid Care CentreSaharanpur
Doon Ayurvedic Medical
Covid Care CentreSaharanpur
BSR College of PharmacyCovid Care CentreSaharanpur
Vindhya Polytechnic, Marihan,
Covid Care CentreMirzapur
Apex Institute of Medical
Science, Chunar, Mirzapur
Covid Care CentreMirzapur
Shemford schoolCovid Care CentreMirzapur
Bhadohi Expro martCovid Care CentreBhadohi
MCH Hospital DCH Campus,Covid Care CentreSonbhadra
Nursing hostalCovid Care CentreSonbhadra
Govt. Inter CollageCovid Care CentreGhazipur
MJRP School,Covid Care CentreGhazipur
Aast Shaheed Inter CollegeCovid Care CentreGhazipur
Shahid Smarak Govt DegreeCovid Care CentreGhazipur
KSB Institute of AyurvedicCovid Care CentreGhazipur
Shamme Gausia Minority
Ayurvedic PG Medical College and Hospital
Covid Care CentreGhazipur
Shamme Husaini Hospital and
Truama Center
Covid Care CentreGhazipur
Satyadev Group of Institution
Covid Care CentreGhazipur
Rajkiya Adogic Prashikshan
Covid Care CentreChandauli
Mahamaya Rajkiya Polytechnic CollegeCovid Care CentreChandauli
Rain BseraCovid Care CentreJaunpur
Shri Nivas Ramanuian Anusandhan Bhawan,Covid Care CentreJaunpur
Kunwar Harivansh Nursing College,Covid Care CentreJaunpur
Maharana Pratap Inter College, Ramdayal DhanushCovid Care CentreJaunpur
Rajkiya Polytechnic College,
Covid Care CentreJaunpur
Anand Engineering College, Kheeth 600Covid Care CentreVaranasi
Dr SND Sanskrit University,
Old Ayurved College
Covid Care CentreVaranasi
St Marry Hospital, Korouta
Covid Care CentreVaranasi
St Johns School, Dhanipur,
Korouta Lohta
Covid Care CentreVaranasi
Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Silver Grow School,
Maheshpur, Manduwadin
Covid Care CentreVaranasi
Arya Kanya Inter college,
Chetganj, Lahurrabeer
Covid Care CentreVaranasi
Arya Kanya PG college,
Chetganj, Lahurrabeer
Covid Care CentreVaranasi
MGKVP Residential TowerCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Central Hospital DLWCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Army Based Hospital CantCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Central School Near Army Based Hospital, CantCovid Care CentreVaranasi
NER Railway HospitalCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Raj Polytechnic College, BabatputCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Ambikapal Singh Inter CollegeCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Rammanohar Lohiya PG CollegeCovid Care CentreVaranasi
Chauhan hospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalAgra
K.D. Medical CollegeCovid Dedicated HospitalMathura
Krishna Mohan Medical College & HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalMathura
F. H. Medical CollageCovid Dedicated HospitalFirozabad
ASMCCovid Dedicated HospitalFirozabad
DDU Joint HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalAligarh
J. N Medical CollageCovid Dedicated HospitalAligarh
Dr. Shailendra Jain HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalEtah
Sri ram HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalHathras
Gaurav Multispeciallity HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalBallia
Fatima HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalMau
Radheyshyam Satyaprakash
Trauma Center
Covid Dedicated HospitalAmethi
Aastha HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalSultanpur
GMCCovid Dedicated HospitalAmbedkarnagar
Hind Institute of Medical SciencesCovid Dedicated HospitalBarabanki
Rajshree Medical Research InstituteCovid Dedicated HospitalBareilly
Khushlok HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalBareilly
Shri Nath MedicityCovid Dedicated HospitalBareilly
GMCCovid Dedicated HospitalBadaun
Maikul HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalPilibhit
Varunarjun Medical CollegeCovid Dedicated HospitalShahjahanpur
ASMCCovid Dedicated HospitalShahjahanpur
Sparsh HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalSantkabir Nagar
ASMCCovid Dedicated HospitalBahraich
Satish Chandra pandey Memorial HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalGonda
Hope hospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalGorakhpur
Sahi Global HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalGorakhpur
Shanti Nurshing HomeCovid Dedicated HospitalDeoria
KMC DigitalCovid Dedicated HospitalMahrajganj
GMCCovid Dedicated HospitalJalaun
GMCCovid Dedicated HospitalKannauj
Krishna Medical CareCovid Dedicated HospitalAuraiya
Guari HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalKanpur Dehat
Rama Institute of Medical Sciences Research HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalKanpur Nagar
Kansiram Joint HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalKanpur Nagar
Guru Teg Bhadur Hospital (GTB)Covid Dedicated HospitalKanpur Nagar
Career Medical CollegeCovid Dedicated HospitalLucknow
Integral Institute of Medical
Covid Dedicated HospitalLucknow
Prasad Institute of Medical SciencesCovid Dedicated HospitalLucknow
T.S.M. Institute of Medical SciencesCovid Dedicated HospitalLucknow
Sant Marry HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalLucknow
Lokbandhu Rajnarayan HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalLucknow
Saraswati Medical CollegeCovid Dedicated HospitalUnnao
Joint DHCovid Dedicated HospitalHardoi
Balaji HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalHardoi
Hind Medical CollegeCovid Dedicated HospitalSitapur
Mahta Mellainium HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalLakhimpurKhiri
Baroot MedicityCovid Dedicated HospitalBagpat
V. I. I. T. HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalBulandshahr
JP HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalBulandshahr
GIMS GreaterCovid Dedicated HospitalGB Nagar
SSPHPGTICovid Dedicated HospitalGB Nagar
Rama Medical College & HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalGB Nagar
Joint DHCovid Dedicated HospitalGhaziabad
Saraswati Institute of Medical
Covid Dedicated HospitalHapur
G.S. Medical CollegeCovid Dedicated HospitalHapur
Narayana Hospital and Trama
Covid Dedicated HospitalRampur
Asiayayi Haseena Beg HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalSambhal
Pulkit MemorialCovid Dedicated HospitalBijnor
Cosmos HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalMoradabad
VenkateshwaraCovid Dedicated HospitalAmroha
TB Sapru HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalPrayagraj
Purnima Hospital & Reaserch centerCovid Dedicated HospitalKaushambi
Ruma HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalPratapgarh
Bardwell Christian HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalFatehpur
Ganga Amrit multi Specility HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalShamli
Popular HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalMirzapur
Jeevan JyotiCovid Dedicated HospitalBhadohi
Hindalco HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalSonbhadra
Dr. R.D. Memorial HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalChandauli
Snehlata Super SpeciallityCovid Dedicated HospitalJaunpur
Heritage Institute of Medical SciencesCovid Dedicated HospitalVaranasi
Apex hospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalVaranasi
DDU Joint HospitalCovid Dedicated HospitalVaranasi
SNMC Medical CollegeCovid Isolation CentreAgra
GMCCovid Isolation CentreAzamgarh
ASMCCovid Isolation CentreAyodhya
Mayo Institute of Medical SciencesCovid Isolation CentreBarabanki
Sri Rammurti Smarak Institute of Medical SciencesCovid Isolation CentreBareilly
Rohilkhand Medical CollegeCovid Isolation CentreBareilly
ASMCCovid Isolation CentreBasti
GMCCovid Isolation CentreBanda
BRD Medical College GorakhpurCovid Isolation CentreGorakhpur
MLB Medical CollegeCovid Isolation CentreJhansi
UPUMS Saifai, EtawahCovid Isolation CentreEtawah
GSVM Medical CollegeCovid Isolation CentreKanpur Nagar
Era's Lucknow
Medical College
Covid Isolation CentreLucknow
Dr RMLIMSCovid Isolation CentreLucknow
SGPGI LucknowCovid Isolation CentreLucknow
KGMUCovid Isolation CentreLucknow
Subharti Medical CollegeCovid Isolation CentreMeerut
LLRM Medical College MeerutCovid Isolation CentreMeerut
School of Medical Sciences (Sharda University)Covid Isolation CentreGB Nagar
Santosh Medical CollegeCovid Isolation CentreGhaziabad
Teerthankar Mahaveer Medical College & Research CenterCovid Isolation CentreMoradabad
MLN Medical College PrayagrajCovid Isolation CentrePrayagraj
Muzaffar Nagar Medical CollegeCovid Isolation CentreMuzaffarnagar
GMCCovid Isolation CentreSaharanpur
Institute of Medical Sciences (Sir Sunder lal Hospital)Covid Isolation CentreVaranasi

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