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Are you a survivor?

Did you fight the battle against COVID-19 and win?

If yes, then you deserve to have your side of the story heard! is providing a platform for brave hearts like you to share their survival stories with India and the world.

Amid dark circumstances, there is always a ray of hope. While India fights a long drawn battle against COVID-19, the good news is that there are a large number of people who have survived coronavirus. It is now time to gain a new perspective and hear their side of the story. The world needs all the help it can get right now and this perspective will help the rest of the people fight COVD-19 better. 

If you are one of the brave survivors and wish to tell your #SurvivorStory story, please send your written or video responses to

Questions for Survivor Stories
Q1. Tell us about yourself- your name and age
Q2. How did you realize that you might be infected with COVID-19? Any specific symptoms you had?
Q3. Please share details of the actual sickness- how was your physical and mental health?
Q4. How long did the symptoms last? Did it get worse before it got better?
Q5. Having won the fight against COVID, is there a change in the way you see the world?
Q6. Any message for fellow Indians on how to be safe from COVID-19?
Q7. Any message for family members or friends of those recovering from COVID-19?
Q8. Any tips for the COVID positive patients?

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