Our Partners

Our Partners

Survey Partner

The premier partner for Indian job seekers, Naukri partnered with CIO to deploy the world’s largest anonymous, self-reporting epidemiological survey.

Tech Partners

A leading cloud transformation and digital innovation technology company, SF helped CIO get on the cloud and set up our initial backend.

Offers IT outsourcing and peace of mind. A leading web and enterprise application developer, Synapse set up WordPress resources and our staging site on AWS.

Voluntary Partners

Ranked among the top management institutes, JIM volunteers have helped CIO do the heavy lifting of data collection from over 50 official state and government sources.

Pioneering social media for good, Charity with a twist uses social media advertising dollars to promote non-profit initiatives. CWAT is helping CIO to connect with the NGO world, raise funds and find committed volunteers.

Medical Services

Event Partner

A pioneer in digital event management, STCH helped CIO raise over 30 Lakhs through the helping hands concert.


Our NGO partner has partnered with us to deliver the world’s largest anonymous, self-reporting epidemiological survey.

Platform Partners


Our Initiatives