State Helpline Numbers: 9366090748

Meghalaya District Wise COVID Data

DistrictTotal CasesRecoveriesDeathActive
East Garo Hills309281127
East Khasi Hills6955641091454
East Jaintia Hills509499010
North Garo Hills1089918
Ri Bhoi12671232233
South Garo Hills187138049
South West Garo Hills169128239
South West Khasi Hills515100
West Jaintia Hills337321115
West Garo Hills1579131411254
West Khasi Hills162133128

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COVID-19 Testing

The following is the list of testing centers in Meghalaya.

Current Preparedness of the Meghalaya Government

The following is the list of dedicated COVID hospitals in Meghalaya. The COVID facilities have been categorized into three types to treat COVID patients.

1. COVID care center (CCC) for mild or very mild or suspected cases.

2. COVID health center (CHC) for patients who are clinically assigned as moderate.

3. Dedicated COVID hospital for severe patients.

Bethany HospitalCovid health centre
Bethany HospitalDedicated Covid Hospital
Bethany Hospital NongpohCovid health centre
BSF Composite HospitalCovid health centre
CHC UmmulongCovid health centre
CHC LaskeinCovid health centre
CHC NongtalangCovid health centre
CHC, AlagreCovid Care Center
CHC, AlagreCovid health centre
CHC, ChockpotCovid Care Center
CHC, ChockpotCovid health centre
CHC, DadengreCovid Care Center
CHC, DadengreCovid health centre
CHC, DaluCovid Care Center
CHC, DaluCovid health centre
CHC, IshamatiCovid Care Center
CHC, IshamatiCovid health centre
CHC, LaskeinCovid Care Center
CHC, MawiongCovid Care Center
CHC, mawiongCovid health centre
CHC, MawphlangCovid Care Center
CHC, MawphlangCovid health centre
CHC, MawsynramCovid Care Center
CHC, NongtalangCovid Care Center
CHC, PhulbariCovid Care Center
CHC, PhulbariCovid health centre
CHC, PynurslaCovid Care Center
CHC, PynurslaCovid health centre
CHC, RanikorCovid Care Center
CHC, RanikorCovid health centre
CHC, ResubelparaCovid Care Center
CHC, ResubelparaCovid health centre
CHC, RongjengCovid Care Center
CHC, SalsellaCovid Care Center
CHC, SalsellaCovid health centre
CHC, SohiongCovid Care Center
CHC, SohraCovid Care Center
CHC, SohraCovid health centre
CHC, UmmulongCovid Care Center
Childrens HospitalCovid health centre
Childrens HospitalDedicated Covid Hospital
Civil Hospital AmpatiCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital AmpatiCovid health centre
Civil Hospital BaghmaraCovid health centre
Civil Hospital KhliehraitCovid health centre
Civil Hospital MawkyrwatCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital MawkyrwatCovid health centre
Civil Hospital NongpohCovid health centre
Civil Hospital NongstoinCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital NongstoinCovid health centre
Civil Hospital shillongCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital ShillongCovid health centre
Civil Hospital ShillongDedicated Covid Hospital
Civil Hospital TuraCovid health centre
Civil Hospital, BaghmaraCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital, JowaiCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital, JowaiCovid health centre
Civil Hospital, KhliehriatCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital, NongpohCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital, TuraCovid Care Center
Civil Hospital, Williamnaagar Covid health centre
Civil Hospital, WilliamnagarCovid Care Center
Dr. Norman Tunnel HospitalCovid health centre
Ganesh Das Hospital, shillongCovid health centre
Holy Cross HospitalTuraCovid health centre
Holy Cross MairangCovid health centre
Home Science College, TuraCovid Care Center
IIM shilongCovid Care Center
Mairiang Civil HospitalCovid Care Center
Mariang Civil HospitalCovid health centre
MATI shillongCovid Care Center
MCH, JowaiCovid Care Center
MCH, JowaiCovid health centre
Military HospitalCovid health centre
Military HospitalDedicated Covid Hospital
MIMHANS, ShillongCovid health centre
Mission Hospital TuraCovid health centre
Nazerth HospitalCovid health centre
Nazerth HospitalDedicated Covid Hospital
NEIGRIHMSCovid health centre
NEIGRIHMSDedicated Covid Hospital
Nursing School, NongstoinCovid Care Center
PHC NamdongCovid health centre
PHC, MawsiathhnamCovid health centre
PHC, PomlumCovid Care Center
PHC, SahsniangCovid health centre
PHC, BaratoCovid Care Center
PHC, BaratoCovid health centre
PHC, DainadubiCovid Care Center
PHC, DainadubiCovid health centre
PHC, DangarCovid Care Center
PHC, DawkiCovid Care Center
PHC, DawkiCovid health centre
PHC, DiengieiCovid Care Center
PHC, DiengieiCovid health centre
PHC, DiengpasohCovid Care Center
PHC, IooksiCovid Care Center
PHC, iooksiCovid health centre
PHC, JarainCovid Care Center
PHC, JarainCovid health centre
PHC, Khatarshnong KhrangCovid Care Center
PHC, KhliehtyrshiCovid Care Center
PHC, KhliehtyrshiCovid health centre
PHC, laitlyngkotCovid health centre
PHC, LaitryngewCovid Care Center
PHC, ManikgaanjCovid Care Center
PHC, ManikgaanjCovid health centre
PHC, MawkyngknengCovid Care Center
PHC, MawlongCovid Care Center
PHC, MawlongCovid health centre
PHC, MawrohCovid Care Center
PHC, MawrohCovid health centre
PHC, MawsiatkhnamCovid Care Center
PHC, MendipatharCovid Care Center
PHC, MendipatharCovid health centre
PHC, MynsoCovid Care Center
PHC, MynsoCovid health centre
PHC, NamdongCovid Care Center
PHC, NangbahCovid Care Center
PHC, NartiangCovid Care Center
PHC, PdengshakapCovid Care Center
PHC, PdengshakapCovid health centre
PHC, PomlumCovid health centre
PHC, RyngkuCovid Care Center
PHC, SahsniangCovid Care Center
PHC, ShangpungCovid Care Center
PHC, ShangpungCovid health centre
PHC, ShellaCovid Care Center
PHC, smitCovid Care Center
PHC, SmitCovid health centre
PHC, SohbarCovid Care Center
PHC, SohbarCovid health centre
PHC, SongsakCovid Care Center
PHC, SwerCovid Care Center
PHC, swerCovid health centre
Robert Gordon HospitalCovid health centre
Robert Gordon HospitalDedicated Covid Hospital
RP chest ShillongCovid health centre
Rural Hospital NongpyndengCovid Care Center
SMELC, TuraCovid Care Center
St Peters NongstoinCovid Care Center
Suercare hospitalCovid health centre
Super Care HospitalDedicated Covid Hospital
Woodland Hospital, ShillongCovid health centre
Woodland Hospital, ShillongDedicated Covid Hospital

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