State Helpline Numbers: 104

Himachal Pradesh District Wise COVID Data

DistrictTotal CasesRecoveriesDeathActive
Lahaul and Spiti10757189348
Solan (4 migrated out)4922401952851

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COVID-19 Testing

Tests Done – 525941 (+5156) | Test Positivity Rate – 7.6%

The following is the list of testing centers in Himachal Pradesh

Current Preparedness of the Himachal Pradesh Government

The following is the list of dedicated COVID hospitals in Himachal Pradesh. The COVID facilities have been categorized into three types to treat COVID patients.

1. COVID care center (CCC) for mild or very mild or suspected cases.

2. COVID health center (CHC) for patients who are clinically assigned as moderate.

3. Dedicated COVID hospital for severe patients.

Shiva Engineering College (Boys Hostel) ChandpurDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Bilaspur
Matri Anchal Sadan,Shri Naina DevijiDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Bilaspur
District Ayurvedic Hospital, BatuDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Chamba
Tribal Bhawan, Balu\Dedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Chamba
Sai Marriage Palace, VPO Dugha, Near Bye Pass Dedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Hamirpur
Aggarwal Trust Dharamshala Jawalamukhi.Dedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Kangra
Panchayti Raj Training Institute, BaijnathDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Kangra
Water Sports Complex, PongdamDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Kangra
Sarai Bhawan, Recong PeoDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Kinnaur
District Ayurvedic HospitalDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Kullu
Gurudawara, Akhara BazarDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Kullu
Abhilashi Ayurvedic College, ChailchowkDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Mandi
JPH Training Centre, ChhipnuDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Mandi
New Wing CH RohrooDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Shimla
State Institute of Educational Management, ShamlaghatDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Shimla
PRTI MashobraDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Shimla
State Agriculture Management & Extension Training Institute, MashobraDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Shimla
Yatri Niwas ,TrilokpurDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Sirmaur
Labour Hostel Ramshehar Road NalagarhDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Solan
Farmer's Hostel Dr.YSP UHF NauniDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Solan
Old Private School, Viii Devnagar, Bathalag, ArkiDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Solan
Skill Development Centre, PalkawahDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Una
Multipurpose Bhawan, KhadDedicated Covid Care Centres (DCCC)Una
CH GhumarwinDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Bilaspur
CH DalhosieDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Chamba
Charitable Hospital, BhotaDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Hamirpur
ZH DharamshalaDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Kangra
CHC BhawanagarDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Kinnaur
CH TegubeharDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Kullu
SLBSGMC Ner ChowkDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Mandi
DDUH ShimlaDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Shimla
CH SarahanDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Sirmaur
ESI Model Hospital, KathaDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Solan
CH HaroliDedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC)Una
SLBSGMC , Ner ChowkDedicated Hospital (DCH)Bilaspur
ZH DharamshalaDedicated Hospital (DCH)Chamba
SLBSGMC , Ner ChowkDedicated Hospital (DCH)Hamirpur
ZH DharamshalaDedicated Hospital (DCH)Kangra
DDUH ShimlaDedicated Hospital (DCH)Kinnaur
SLBSGMC NerChowkDedicated Hospital (DCH)Kullu
SLBSGMC NerChowkDedicated Hospital (DCH)Mandi
DDUH ShimlaDedicated Hospital (DCH)Shimla
MMMCH KumarhattiDedicated Hospital (DCH)Sirmaur
MMMCH KumarhattiDedicated Hospital (DCH)Solan
ZH DharamshalaDedicated Hospital (DCH)Una

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