For Workplaces

The workforce population of India is 39% of the total population i.e. more than 400 Million. The workforce also powers the economic response, which enables the healthcare response.  Employers and business owners have dual responsibility of preserving lives, as well as preserving livelihoods.  

The Government of India and the different state governments have released various advisories regarding the preventive measures in workplaces.    

One of many initiatives of is to work with Entrepreneurs Organization to develop best practices.  Together with the myEO COVID Preparedness India subgroup and SmartWorks, an EO member company, and a leading CoWorking Company in India, we have developed a guide to help employers and employees manage the dual objectives of worker protection and business continuity. 

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Directives For Workplace

  • As far as possible, work from home should be allowed.
  • Staggering of work/business hours should be allowed in all the workplaces.
  • Provision for thermal scanning, handwash, and sanitizer should be made at all the entry and exit points and in the common places.
  • Frequent sanitization of the entire workplace should be ensured.
  • Strict social distancing should be followed.

For full text, see here.