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The workforce population of India is 39% of the total population i.e. more than 400 Million. The workforce also powers the economic response, which enables the healthcare response.  Employers and business owners have dual responsibility of preserving lives, as well as preserving livelihoods.  

The Government of India and the different state governments have released various advisories regarding the preventive measures in workplaces.  Currently, a lockdown is in effect.  However, as and when it finishes, precautions will remain paramount.  

One of many initiatives of is to work with Entrepreneurs Organization to develop best practices.  Together with the myEO COVID Preparedness India subgroup and SmartWorks, an EO member company, and a leading CoWorking Company in India, we have developed a guide to help employers and employees manage the dual objectives of worker protection and business continuity. 


For StartUps and Entrepreneurs works with many volunteer groups to help promote impact. The startup world is actively combating COVID through volunteer initiatives like ours, or by developing solutions for COVID problems. One such initiative by our friends at 91 Springboard is which lists all the grants, funding and resources available for startups who are part of the fight.

Thank you 91Springboard and all who are contributing to this for being part of the human response.

12 Ways To Stay Productive While Working From Home

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 14,000+ influential business owners with 196 chapters in 62 countries. 

EO South Asia has laid out 12 best practices for being productive while working from home.  This is an easy reference guide for employers and workers to consider when setting up their own personal or team WFH processes.

Amongst our many volunteers, is supported by the myEO Covid Preparedness India subgroup.

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How And When Workplaces Can Enable WFH?

  • In the case of a severe situation like Italy or China or South Korea, companies should impose work from home.
  • If any employee of the company found to be a positive case of COVID-19, then the company should immediately shut the offices and impose the Work from Home.
  • If there are some big machines in your company, then proper management could be done in such a way to protect the employees:
    • Shift timings could be made in the office so that the employees could avoid crowded public places and maintain the social distancing of at least 1m.
  • If there is an infected member in the family of any employee in your workspace, you should ask the employee to work from home.