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StanPlus is the leader in the smart medical response space. You can book an ambulance right now by calling on the number given below.

Free Doctor consultation

1. StepOne (associated with several state governments)

Project StepOne brings together 5000+ doctors to enable free tele-consultation for those with COVID-19 symptoms. An automated IVR call flow will help citizens to verify whether they have symptoms for Covid-19. Citizens who have symptoms are scheduled to receive a callback for assessment from registered health expert.

Helpline numbers :

Chattisgarh – 104

Delhi – 1800111747 / 01161193786

Karnataka – 104 / 9745697456

Madhya Pradesh – 104

Maharashtra – 9513615550

Nagaland – 18003450019

Odisha – 14410

Uttarakhand – 104

Please click below to use chat function :

Note: Turn around time of calls will vary basis no. of requests

2. Free telephonic health checkup for COVID

The following is the list of the physician volunteers for the free telephonic guidance on COVID-19 headed by Dr. Tushar Shah.

This is a free service. Please use WhatsApp to message symptoms and questions before calling. Please avoid video calls. The doctors will guide you but will not be able to prescribe medicine.

The list is verified by the

Dr S Rathod98929659459am to 12pm
Dr Sahare97655192489am to 12pm
Dr Manglik982022238412pm to 3pm
Dr J Jain702109268512pm to 3pm
Dr P Saini998748339512pm to 3pm
Dr S Ghonasgi976969089912pm to 3pm
Dr J Sanghavi77000369973pm to 6pm
Dr S Sneha90821657593pm to 6pm
Dr Santoshi99202068863pm to 6pm
Dr B Furia81043743866pm to 9pm
Dr P Aurora"+163035527376pm to 9pm
Dr S Pawar70589244646pm to 9pm
Dr N Thammaiah80984122846pm to 9pm
Dr D Chandak99879567896pm to 9pm
Dr Pandit94224732778pm to 11pm
Dr Doshi98202379518am to 12pm
Dr Bhatt93204070748am to 12pm
DR Janvi ( Diet Consultant)9819642295-
Dr B Kharat99694718158pm to 11pm
Dr J shah986903135412pm to 4pm

3. Free Online Consult By Practo

“India Health Hour” is an initiative by the top medical minds enabled by Practo, where the top doctors are volunteering to help all Indians manage their health.

Every Monday to Saturday, from 5 pm to 6 pm you can initiate an online consultation with one of the top doctors volunteering for India Health Hour.

Click on the button below for more details and to start an online consultation.

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