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The COVIDIndia.org project is not just a website. It is a movement, supported by 250+ volunteers. Besides the timely, actionable, credibly sourced, and verified content on the site, we are engaged in numerous offline activities to help increase ventilator production, introduce rapid testing kits, build contact tracing tech and much more.

At COVIDIndia.org, we are combating the pandemic through a three pronged approach: Understanding, Awareness and Action.

Funds raised for this campaign will be used to fund the activities of the Covidindia.org organisation and primarily for the following activities;

To support the costs of developing and maintaining the Covidindia.org website in order to be able to continue providing accurate, verified and up to date information To support the launch of our Epidemiology Survey which seeks to measure the true spread of Covid19 in India To support our fundraising efforts and help feed the many poor who have been displaced by the economic effects of the pandemic as well as protect our frontline workers with PPE kits. Thank you for being part of the Human Response!

Help Us Combat COVID-19

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Help us get 100,000 meals to the places that need them the most

With the nation in lockdown, hundreds of thousands of daily wage workers and underprivileged face severe hunger and malnutrition.  COVIDIndia has partnered with ImpactGuru foundation and Foodlink to help mitigate the effects of lockdown.  Foodlink, along with many partners and the Mumbai police has activated its central kitchens to help feed the worst affected in the Covid-19 crisis.

Foodlink’s ability to efficiently feed large numbers of people, due to their deep understanding of food economics and preparation is why COVIDIndia.org is proud to partner with them.

The main meal served is 450 grams of KHICHDI – a nutritious and tasty staple Indian dish made out of rice, pulses, vegetables, turmeric and spices. This is now being expanded to a few other options but with the same dual objective — to serve food that we would eat ourselves, and that will fill a hungry stomach with good quality nutrition.


Help us protect 3000 doctors

COVIDIndia.org (CIO) seeks to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in India.  Frontline healthcare workers are most at risk and most in need.  CIO, has partnered with ImpactGuru foundation to raise money for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for frontline workers across the country.  Our last event in April raised almost 25 lakhs.  

A standard PPE kit costs in the range of INR 1000 – 1500 and can be used only once. At most hospitals, usually the doctors and staff either do 6 hour shifts or 8 hour shifts with 1 change. So effectively each kit lasts for 4-6 hours. We are getting the unit prices of PPEs as low as possible with the help of ACT and CIO partners.  A standard PPE kit contains mask, disposable safety gloves, head cover, safety goggles, shoe covers and coveralls. 

CIOs partners will also match donations so that approximately 115% of funds raised will go towards PPE purchases. The funds raised will be directly transferred to the suppliers of PPE kits, for delivery to various public and private hospitals across India. All suppliers are independently vetted for certification by CIOs internal volunteer team. 

The pictures on the right show actual product delivered by COVIDIndia from a previous campaign.  

Thank you for being part of the human response.

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PPE Kits

Help us deliver 3000 PPE kits to the healthcare workers


100% donation goes to PPE kits

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