Current Preparedness In India


As of 29 testing capacity in government approved laboratories is approximately 9,800 tests a day. Total tests done is 18,383 as of 23..

India gets its first indigenous test kit developed by MyLab in Pune. The MyLab became the first Indian firm to make and sell COVID-19 testing kits in India. The company said that it has a capacity to supply 100,000 test kits per week, and can produce 200,000 if needed.

Government has granted license to CoSara Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, a Ahmedabad based firm to manufacture COVID-19 testing kits which claims it can give test results in about 2.5 hours. Government has also asked 14 private firms to evaluate COVID-19 testing kits.

Healthcare Facilities

Estimated Hospital Equipment Capacities

Currently, India has about 70,000 ICU beds; and an estimate of about 25,000 ventilators among which 14,000 are earmarked for COVID-19 patients. in the hospitals across India. To meet the shortage, government is taking every effort to augment the availability of ventilators by another 48,000 in the coming weeks. And India has about 7,13,986 government hospital beds, which is 0.55 beds per 1,000 population.

According to a WHO-China joint mission report, 5% of people diagnosed with Covid-19 require artificial respiration, another 15% need to breathe in highly concentrated oxygen. This can make situation in India much worse given the availability of equipments.

Personal Protection Equipment Availability

As of May 2, India’s capacity to produce personal protective equipment kits is over 2 lakh per day. However, the domestic production of the PPE kit is about 1.5 lakh per day on an average. A PPE kit consists of a mask, eye shield, shoe cover, gown, and gloves.

The government has also identified at least 110 domestic manufacturers of PPE kits in the country, out of which only 52 are manufacturing as on May 6.

As on May 6, orders for 2.22 crore PPE kits have been placed by the government, of which orders of 1.42 crore have been placed with domestic manufacturers.