State Helpline Numbers: 9536055743 

Arunachal Pradesh District Wise COVID Data

DistrictTotal CasesRecoveriesDeathActive
East Kameng30330201
East Siang10691032433
Kra Daadi363600
Kurung Kumey11711403
Lepa Rada264239025
Lower Dibang Valley457436021
Lower Siang28027604
Lower Subansiri36736313
Papum Pare6632598226624
Shi Yomi989404
Upper Dibang Valley232300
Upper Siang351339012
Upper Subansiri44043325
West Kameng869790475
West Siang10241003318

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COVID-19 Testing

Tests Done – 355611 (+1232) | Test Positivity Rate – 4.6%

The following is the list of the ICMR approved testing centers in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Current Preparedness of the Arunachal Pradesh Government

The following is the list of dedicated COVID hospitals in Arunachal Pradesh. The COVID facilities have been categorized into three types to treat COVID patients.

1. COVID care center (CCC) for mild or very mild or suspected cases.

2. COVID health center (CHC) for patients who are clinically assigned as moderate.

3. Dedicated COVID hospital for severe patients.

Ramakrishna Mission HospitalPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Tomo Riba Institute Of Health And Medical SciencesPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Dr Lal PathLabsPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Niba HospitalPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Emmanuel BTM HospitalPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Polo HospitalPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Heema HospitalPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
NERIST Health UnitPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Tara Memorial HospitalPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Tago Memorial HospitalPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Samaritan Hormin HospitalPrivateDedicated covid Hospital
Govt Civil Hospital, ChongkhamGovernmentCovid health centres
Military HospitalGovernmentCovid health centres
Community Health CentreGovernmentCovid health centres
Diyun CHCGovernmentCovid health centres
CHC, SunpuraGovernmentCovid health centres
General Hospital, AaloGovernmentCovid health centres
Bakin Pertin General HospitalGovernmentCovid health centres
Gyati Takka General Hospital, ZiroGovernmentCovid health centres
District Hospital, BomdilaGovernmentCovid health centres
General Hospital TezuGovernmentCovid health centres
District Hospital TawangGovernmentCovid health centres
District Hospital SeppaGovernmentCovid health centres
District HospitalGovernmentCovid health centres
District Hospital YingkiongGovernmentCovid health centres
District HospitalGovernmentCovid health centres
District HospitalGovernmentCovid health centres
Cherish hospital and diagnostic centreGovernmentCovid health centres
General Hospital, KharsangGovernmentCovid health centres
Mahadevpur Government HospitalGovernmentCovid health centres
CHC MiaoGovernmentCovid health centres
CHC, ParbukGovernmentCovid health centres
Community Health Centre, HawaiGovernmentCovid health centres
CHC- Palin, 50-Bedded Hospital JorungGovernmentCovid health centres
CHC WakroGovernmentCovid health centres
Community Health Center ManmaoGovernmentCovid health centres
Community Health CentreGovernmentCovid health centres

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